A Welcome Note

My name is Darshika, and as owner of Little Stars Preschool, I would like to thank you for considering Little Stars Preschool for your child.

As a mother of 2 boys, I understand that children are the most precious part of parents’ lives, and that their safety and healthy development in a loving environment is arguably the most important thing we want for our children. Continuously loving them and always being there for them builds extremely strong parent-child bonds, and I also know that when the time comes to send your child to their first educational setting at a young age, it can be very emotional: In-fact, it was when I faced that time myself with my first son, I decided to enter childcare finding employment in my son’s setting.

My passion in childcare over the past 12 years has been motivated by the joy, and humour they bring, and also the sense of valued purpose they bring in the opportunity to help bring out their full potential. That is why, I continue to be hands on, spending one-to-one time with all the children in our setting on a daily basis. Like me, my setting Manager Shalini, and all the staff also have a passion to work with children and work to the highest standards to earn yours, and your child’s trust. Having experienced the emotional and practical aspects of childcare as a parent, our ethos is to build strong partnerships with you as parents, to understand your practical needs, and do what is best for your child.

My team and I hope that we will have the opportunity to see you in person at a viewing so that we can earn your confidence in entrusting us with your child’s daycare/preschool needs.

Best wishes

Darshika Rajendera

Owner Manger, Little Stars Preschool

Our Approach

Children are the most precious part of any parent’s life and they bring much joy, sometimes humour, and a sense of purpose for those who surround them. They are delicate, loving and talented in so many ways, and we at Little Stars Preschool are privileged for the opportunity to share a part in their care and development. As such everyone at Little Stars Preschool is driven by a passion for caring and developing children regardless of their abilities and background, and we strive to ensure we provide the best possible environment, and attitude to bring out their talent by building a foundation for their confidence, security, and emotional and physical well-being.