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Helping your precious children reach their full potential both physically and emotionally.
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At Little Stars Preschool Nursery, we all have a common vision:

“By partnering with parents, building positive relationships with children and the community to bring out the full potential of their children within an enriching environment”

Welcome to Little Stars Preschool Nursery

A nursery is the nucleus and foundation for schools and higher levels of education, which cannot be underestimated. It is important because children start their observation, active listening and speaking both formally and informally in the setting. Additionally, they learn right from wrong, good habits, develop their skills and begin to find their social identity at a very young age.

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Our Approach

At Little Stars Preschool we are driven by a passion for caring and developing children regardless of their abilities and background, striving to ensure we provide the best possible environment and attitude to bring out their talent by building a foundation for confidence, a sense of security and well-being, both emotionally and physically. We consider it a privilege to be a part of their care and development, nurturing the precious bond between parents and their children.

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The staff is fantastic in caring for my son and he always has a big smile in the morning and when leaving the nursery. I receive regular updates from the staff on how his day was and regular emails about what he will be learning. Thank you, everyone, for looking after my son, you are doing such a great job .

Nanji P

I have been sending my son to Little Stars Pre-School Nursery since he was 18-months. He has been so happy here. The staff are very friendly and extremely professional. I am very happy with my son's development since being here and will be sending my second son here next year. I would highly recommend Little Star Preschool Nursery.

Priya V

My daughter joined the nursery when she was 4-months, now has eighteen months. The staff is friendly and professional. My daughter is developing well socially and is very happy and arrives every morning with a big smile happy to see her caregivers. I am grateful for the patience they have with us, always listening and answering any questions we have.

Vania D

I am pleased to have found an amazing nursery where my daughter can thrive despite the huge stress of a serious life-threatening condition, she is waiting for a heart transplant. The manager and staff were amazing in helping her instantly engage with her new fun learning environment. The professionalism and flexibility extended to me was exceptional, listening attentively to my concerns as a parent whose child has spent most of her two years in an intensive care hospital ward.

Taz A

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