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Rainbow Room (3 months to 18 months)

The baby room provides an environment for children to begin their early learning through sensory play. The room has prime areas of development that include personal, social & emotional development, communication & language, and physical development.

New born babies hear voices, can feel, smell and taste, but their vision may be one of the least developed senses at birth, only detecting large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white up until age of 6 months. In fact, research suggests that high-contrast colours (black, white and red) encourage babies’ visual and physical development. We therefore have a Black & White Corner where young children can rest and explore with soft toys and listen to stories (from the age specific book corner) in an environment that specifically help their visual development at very early stages of development.

As babies develop, they love to explore. The colourful ball pit provides multiple opportunities for babies to explore colours, practice their coordination and be physically active in a safe area.

To maintain all baby facilities are nearby, and staff focused on the care of babies in the room at all time, the Rainbow Room also has a Milk Kitchen Area that allows storage and preparation of feeds without exiting the room.

The Rainbow room has a no shoes policy, which means everyone who enters the baby room must remove their shoes to keep the room clean and hygienic for the little stars in the room.

Additionally, extra activities including: Baby Yoga and Musical Movements  will be in the Rainbow Room.



Moonlight Room (2 to 3yrs)

The moonlight room begins to create a warm welcoming space for children age 2-3 years of age who have begun to walk. The room is designed to explore the 7 key areas of learning & development in the Early Years foundation Stage by encouraging children to take part in several planned activities.
These include:

  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development (eg: Role play area, meal times, outdoor play times)
  • Physical Development (eg: Construction, indoor toddler trampeline, sand play/messy play)
  • Communication & Language Development (eg: book corner, home corner)
  • Mathematics (eg: puzzles, bead maze, shape sorter)
  • Literacy (eg: magnetic letters, mark making, giant alphabert)
  • Understanding the World (eg: animals, pasta play, role play)
  • Expresive Art & Design (eg: play dough, painting, sticking & gluing)
Additionally, extra activities including: Yoga and Musical Movements will be in the Moonlight Room.
PSE Development         Physical Development    C and L Development/ Maths
Understanding the world               Literacy                     Expressive, Arts and Design

Sunchine Room (3-5 yrs)

The Sunshine Room extends the seven areas of learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage to prepare children 3-4 years of age for the school Reception year by planning more structured and focused activities. It is important that the varied activities for 4-years olds considers both psychological and physical needs of children to help them transition from nursery to school. Children in this room will also learn to read, write and the basics of maths.  Additionally, extra activities including: Yoga, Zumba dancing and computing will be in the Sunshine Room.

While age specific class room-style rooms are available, we believe that children also learn from the ability to mix with different age groups, and through mixed involvement of activities including celebrations. The Sunshine Room therefore also has a free-flow area for all ages and is a focal area for festive celebrations, concerts and plays.

PSE Development        Physical Development        C & L Development

Mathematics                           Literacy                Understanding the World

Expresive Arts & Designs