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The first thing you need to know about us is that we are a family of stars who run Little Stars Preschool Nursery Ltd. We have firsthand experience with early childcare and this knowledge is coupled with our firsthand experiences as mothers, so we understand! We tailor our childcare to suit each individual child’s needs, because we recognize that each child is unique, and our aim is to inspire each one to reach their true potential by focusing on their strengths.


Five Stars which stands for ‘STARS’
Why parents and children choose “Little Stars Preschool Nursery”…


Safe and Secure Environment

At Little Stars our approach to safety and security is holistic; beginning at the front gates and continuing right through to staff selection, training and, of course, security systems and safety procedures. Safety and cleanliness are our first priorities, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child’s environment is healthy and secure.


The Joy and Fun Experience

Hearing the voices of the children and seeing their faces light up with enthusiasm each time they learn something new brings boundless joy. Remember at Little Stars Preschool we make each day worthwhile by teaching the children to learn through play. Spending time with the children allows a person to experience first-hand a child’s transformation. We at Little Stars help children develop into healthy and happy little stars.


Amazing Manager

The success of Little Stars is due to having an amazing hands-on manager, which helps us to adapt and improve quickly and this is the reason we have maintained a very high standard through-out the last 4 years at Little Stars and will continue to do so.
Our manager manages a team of wonderful staff to plan and organise activities, and ensure sessions run smoothly. She also works alongside the owner of the nursery to support her with the business side of things.


Relationship with Parents

A partnership with parents ensures that each parent is kept up-to-date on their child’s learning and development. We provide weekly newsletters to encourage parents to participate and contribute to their child’s development and share information on a daily basis.
We also regularly hold meetings with parents, on how we monitor and record a child’s progress.
We also host a fun day, a summer trip, sports day and Christmas concert and other festivals as an opportunity for parents to meet other parents at the nursery as well as get to know the staff well.


Star Staff

We carefully recruit all of our staff not only based on their qualifications and experience but also because they are passionate and enthusiastic about working with young children.
Our staff are all DBS checked, qualified and experienced team members. In addition, we offer everyone on our team on-going training, a great range of benefits, in-house and industry recognition and the opportunity to progress within the company. Our philosophy is that a happy staff creates happy stars at Little Stars Preschool Nursery.

This is what Ofsted says about Little Stars:

“Managers ensure there are appropriate staff-to-child ratios. Staff are deployed effectively so that children are supervised well and safe at all times.”

“Children and staff form close, caring relationships. Staff are sensitive and responsive to children's individual needs.”

“Children demonstrate they are confident and secure in the setting. They happily greet the adults and their friends as they arrive and become engaged in activities.”

Proud to be graded as GOOD by Ofsted

Our complete commitment is to ensure we provide a superior childcare experience for both the children and their parents. We are proud of the wonderful facilities we offer at our Little Stars Preschool Nursery in Harrow and feel a deep sense of satisfaction at receiving an Ofsted GOOD grading at our most recent inspection.

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