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My daughter, who is 3 years old, started attending Little Stars at the beginning of November. She settled in straight away. She always comes home happy, with lots of stories to tell. She talks about her teachers and the activities they provide. Little Stars is a good environment for her, I feel that my daughter is safe there and well looked after. Highly recommend.
Alessia S
My son is really happy at the nursery. The staff are fantastic in caring for him and always has a big smile in the morning and when leaving the nursery. I receive regular updates from the staff on how his day was. The nursery is very good at emailing me about what my child will be learning and any other updates. Thank you, everyone, for looking after my son, you are doing such a great job.
Nanji P
Our daughter started attending the nursery when she was just under one, and she is now two. She loves going to nursery, and we are very pleased with her development and the nursery overall. The staff are professional and friendly, there are appropriate policies and procedures in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. We enjoy receiving regular updates about what she has been doing at nursery via the app. We recommend the nursery!
Beth H
Very good preschool. Staff are very kind and sweet. They are very safeguarding, and the nursery atmosphere is very good. We are happy our my son is here, and his progress is good too. I really recommend Little Stars Pre-School to everyone.
Vinusha S
I have been sending my son to Little Stars Pre-School since he was 18-months. He has been so happy here. The staff are very friendly and extremely professional. I am very happy with my son's development since being here and will be sending my second son here next year. I would highly recommend Little Star Preschool.
Priya V
My daughter attends the nursery since she was 4-months, now has eighteen months. All the staff are friendly and very professional. My daughter is developing very well socially and is very happy there. Every morning she arrives with a big smile and is happy to see her caregivers. I am very grateful for the patience they have with us, always willing to listen and answer any questions we have.
Vania D
My daughter went to Little Stars and now my son. This has been the obvious choice for my wife and I. The management is very caring and professional. The set-up is clean with a strict policy on cleanliness. The set-up is multicultural, with children from all ethnicities, all who interact which each other. The level of teaching is at a high level where it does not only focus on learning but also basic life skills such as eating oneself, cleaning up, socialising and group work. I would fully recommend little stars.
Aamir S
My son has been going to this nursery since he was 2 years and has learnt so much and is very happy. Staff are great. They give detailed feedback and offer advice when wanted. The manager and the owner are very helpful and deal with queries quickly and efficiently. They have an Elog facility which allows you to see pictures of what your child has been doing. Whilst my son was settling in, I thought this was amazing as when I dropped him off, he would be crying but I could see videos and pictures of him smiling during the day which was a great comfort.
Kavusiya P
My son was at Little Stars and I was very happy with everything. The staff are very good and very involved in everything. They were doing a lot of stuff for my son and I appreciate this. I recommend this nursery to all parents. Thank you for everything.
Ramona P
Little Stars Pre-School is a caring, safe and nourishing environment, enabling my child to grow to her highest potential. She has increased in confidence, communication and social skills since she joined in April this year. Staff helped her settle very well, and since joining, she is always happy to attend nursery. There are a variety of activities set each week and meet EYFS requirements. She loves to play, interact with her peers and is fond of the amazing staff, who communicate well with parents.
My child has been going to this nursery for 8 months. I have a very good experience with nursery staff, they are caring, loving and look after my child well. My child enjoys going to the nursery.
Trupti M
I am very happy with the nursery and with all the staff from there. I can see how my son is improving and how his attitude is changing. All the management and the staff will always ensure the children and parents are very happy.
Alexandra S
I say a big thank you to the management and staff of Little Stars pre-school group for the great effort and outcome of my daughter who was having speech problems does not listen and follow things as instructed before today. My daughter can count, sing, construct words and form sentences which have really blown my mind. No one is telling me the great team they've got I just compare when my daughter started and how she is today. Good job. A lovely environment for kids.
Tabitha H
A good friend of mine recommended Little Stars School when I was searching for a nursery for my Son. I was thrilled the first day I went to the school I just loved it, there was this warm and welcoming atmosphere, very clean and well sorted out rooms with Imaginative idea/ activities for babies and Pre-schoolers. Very friendly and supportive staff with excellent management skills exhibited all the time, the school Managers are great my Son is very happy to start the day at school as soon as he spots his keyworker or the ever excellent Manager whom through her caring and warm nature attracted me more to the school and that also develops a great sense of community. I so much value the school's combination of nurture and academic focus my Son's social and imaginative skills has developed beyond expectations and that is an achievement. My Son is always happy and ready for school and that alone is a credit to Little stars School and their Wonderful and Supportive Staff.
Munaya H
My daughter joined this setting in January and just after spending a few months here I noticed very positive changes in her. She is now more confident, her behaviour has improved, the way she interacts with her fellow classmates has improved and most importantly she started sharing her stuff with other kids. This is very important to co-exist, she started loving going to the nursery, she always felt safe there and being a mother her safety was my top priority. I am glad that I never noticed anything which is of concern. As she is joining reception soon Little Stars Pre-School played an important role to prepare her to move ahead in life. Thank you to the staff for helping her grow, I owe each and every one of you a big thank you.
Farwa K
Today is my daughter's first day at Little Stars Preschool and she is very excited which is evident with her repeating 'nursery' with a big smile throughout the day. I was looking for a warm, nurturing and supportive environment and of course conducive to my daughter’s individual learning and development needs with the flexibility of timings that fit in with other commitments. She had a happy and positive experience on her visit to the nursery where she met all the staff and instantly engaged with her new fun learning environment. The staff led by a fantastic manager were amazing. I found the manager's professionalism exceptional as she listened attentively to my concerns as a parent of a child that is waiting for a heart transplant and whom has spent most of her two years of life so far in an intensive care hospital ward. All I can say is that I’m very pleased to have found this amazing place where my daughter will thrive and achieve despite the huge stress of a serious and life-threatening condition.
Taz A
I am extremely pleased with this nursery as they have a lot of flexible options in their timings that suit me as a parent.The staff are extremely helpful and courteous and seem to have a knack of settling in children very quickly. I have personal experience of the person in charge who is very firm and straightforward in her dealings especially with parents like me, BUT is extremely loving when it comes to children. A great communicator. The experience can be seen from the parents' meetings and the progress reports of my child. I would have no hesitation in recommending this nursery.
Ketan P
When my son started at the nursery for the first time, he didn't speak in English at all but now he has started to understand almost everything and is happy to spend his time with staff and other children. I'm really happy with all staff from here and I don't have anything to complain about. Every day is getting better and better and this is making me happy. Thank you for everything and what you are doing. Very good job.
Irina M
I'm very happy with all of the staff and the setting.
When my daughter started at the nursery a year and a half ago she could not even speak a word of English, now she understands everything and talks a lot. She loves her teachers, she loves to go to the nursery every day, and she is talking so much about her friends there. I am impressed that she is eating her food, even if I cook something that she will not eat at home, because she is watching all the kids eating she wants to finish as well. Very organised, I am very happy with my daughter's progress.
Aiketerini M
My daughter has made tremendous progress since joining Little Stars Pre-School. This is a wonderful setting with friendly staff and managers. My daughter has settled in so well and that is thanks to Little Stars who her feel so welcome and supported here. I look forward to seeing what additional progress she makes in her time here.
Leena K
My son attends Little Stars Pre-school as well as my eldest daughter. I am very happy with both children's development, especially my son. He has started making friends, and tries to be independent. He is always very happy and excited to go to Pre-school. Staff are very friendly and helpful.
Janease B
My child is extremely happy after joining the nursery. He has started conversing more with other children and I can see him being more confident. The way of learning is actually very good and support the child in a way to build his self-confidence. Being a parent I am satisfied to see my child progressing. Also, the staff are very helpful. Their opinions and suggestions are good with helping my child to progress in his development.
Ruckika S
I find that this nursery is one of the best I found having children and using nurseries before, I am delighted I found this one. The staff are not only friendly but professionals dedicated to improving your child development and nourishing them with knowledge, love and affection. My child has blossomed in the time that he has joined the nursery. He is happy and I have noticed that he is more confident, his vocabulary has expanded and overall a great improvement. One of the carers and the manager is responsible for this with the care and attention to my son and to the rest of the children.
Rosangel C
My daughter is going to this nursery for almost 1 year now. I am 100% satisfied parent. The management and staff are very professional and supportive. It's not like other Commercial nurseries, here it's like family and you don't worry too much. Their staff pay 1-1 attention to the each individual kid...Lovely environment...Very clean...I am glad that we have chosen this specific nursery for our bright daughter future....THANK YOU TO LITTLE STARS PRE SCHOOL "MADAM MANAGER" and rest of the staff?????
Usman A

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