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Childcare is our passion motivated by the joy,
humour and sense of purpose children bring to our lives


My name is Darshika, and as owner of Little Stars Pre-school Nursery Ltd, I would like to thank you for considering Little Stars Pre-school Nursery for your child. As a mother of 2 boys, I understand that children are the most precious part of parents’ lives, and that their safety and healthy development in a loving environment is arguably the most important thing we want for our children. Continuously loving them and always being there for them builds extremely strong parent-child bonds, and I also know that when the time comes to send your child to their first educational setting at a young age, it can be very emotional: In-fact, it was when I faced that time myself with my first son, I decided to enter childcare finding employment in my son’s setting.

My passion in childcare over the past 12 years has been motivated by the joy, and humour they bring, and also the sense of valued purpose they bring in the opportunity to help bring out their full potential. That is why, I continue to be hands on, spending one-to-one time with all the children in our setting on a daily basis. Like me, my setting Manager Shalini, and all the staff also have a passion to work with children and work to the highest standards to earn yours, and your child’s trust. Having experienced the emotional and practical aspects of childcare as a parent, our ethos is to build strong partnerships with you as parents, to understand your practical needs, and do what is best for your child.

“My team and I hope that we will have the opportunity to see you in person at a viewing so that we can earn your confidence in entrusting us with your child’s daycare/preschool needs.”
Darshika Rajendera
Owner of Little Stars Pre-school Nursery Ltd
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Our Vision

By partnering with parents, building positive relationships with children and the community to bring out the full potential of their children within an enriching environment.

  1. Ensure individual parental & child needs are met by building strong partnerships & relationships with parents and children.
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  3. Select & nurture passionate, motivated, engaging staff that are driven by high standards
  4. Offer equal opportunities for all and promote cultural diversity

In achieving these objectives, Little Stars Preschool Nursery has fundamental pillars that are based around:

  • Providing a safe and secure environment
  • Providing quality care and resources
  • Providing quality education
  • Building strong partnerships with parents, children, staff and the community
  •  Understanding parent challenges and needs and offering flexible solutions

The staff is fantastic in caring for my son and he always has a big smile in the morning and when leaving the nursery. I receive regular updates from the staff on how his day was and regular emails about what he will be learning. Thank you, everyone, for looking after my son, you are doing such a great job .

Nanji P

I have been sending my son to Little Stars Pre-School Nursery since he was 18-months. He has been so happy here. The staff are very friendly and extremely professional. I am very happy with my son's development since being here and will be ending my second son here next year. I would highly recommend Little Star Preschool Nursery.

Priya V

My daughter joined the nursery when she was 4-months, now has eighteen months. The staff is friendly and professional. My daughter is developing well socially and is very happy and arrives every morning with a big smile happy to see her caregivers. I am grateful for the patience they have with us, always listening and answering any questions we have.

Vania D

I am pleased to have found an amazing nursery where my daughter can thrive despite the huge stress of a serious life-threatening condition, she is waiting for a heart transplant. The manager and staff were amazing in helping her instantly engage with her new fun learning environment. The professionalism and flexibility extended to me was exceptional, listening attentively to my concerns as a parent whose child has spent most of her two years in an intensive care hospital ward.

Taz A

Our setting standard

We know that three of the key service qualities appreciated by parents are: quality care, healthy development of their children, and a strong cooperative partnership with parents, which is why we work with several associations including OFSTED, Harrow Early Years, and the Environmental Health & safety officer to ensure we implement the highest standards. We aim to nurture the full potential of the children during their early years with encouragement, and by giving them opportunities to explore, learn and build confidence in a safe and loving environment.

Our Team

Our team at Little Stars Pre-school Nursery Ltd is experienced and qualified from level 3 to above in childcare. We use our family values and motivation in developing the minds of children to provide them with high standard care and give them a head start to their futures. We appreciate the uniqueness of each child and work to ensure each one has every opportunity to excel in life. Our staff has been trained in all aspects necessary for a child’s education, wellbeing and safety.

Why choose us

Our goal is to help children under our care gain a head start in life through the best learning methods for you children, which is why we have a play-based approach to learning rather than through formal teaching. This supports a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development and helps them to cooperate, negotiate and overcome various challenges. As children develop best when they have a secure and stable relationship with their carer, we provide each child with a ‘key worker’ to nurture this relationship and keep you, the parent, informed of the progress being made.

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